Damsel fish are tropical, saltwater fish. Damsel fish are very easy to care and can withstand a variety of different conditions making them a great tank mate for the beginning aquarist. They are also very disease resistant. Most Damsels stay on the small size even as adults. Making them very suitable for a small starter tank. A single fish can be kept in a small 10-gallon tank quite well. These fish are seen in a variety of vibrant colors. The Blue Devil Fish belongs to the family of the Damsel fish, and very typically seen. Most Damsels are schooling fish, but it is a good idea to research the specific species you are looking at as there are many. Some Damsels should be housed alone unless you have a large tank with plenty of hiding places. Damsel fish are semi-aggressive. Coral provides excellent hiding places for these fish. Damsel fish will eat pretty much anything given to them. They will nibble on algae as it accumulates in the tank. Damsels are not picky eaters. They accept a wide range of food. Damsels are omnivores. A well varied and balanced diet is recommended. Most Damsel fish are reef fish. They do well with any invertebrate you choose to add to your tank. Pisces Reef Fish Emporium of Las Vegas, Nevada has a huge selection of Damsel fish to choose from.