The Plecostomus Catfish is a tropical, freshwater fish. The Plecostomus Catfish is commonly called the suckerfish because of their mouth- a notable characteristic. Plecostomus are frequently seen in many aquariums because their algae eating habits which may can help with cleaning and maintenance. Another catfish great for controlling algae in aquariums is the Tiger-Banded Peckoltia. There are many species that belong to the catfish family. Catfish are very diverse in color.  The suckerfish does well with other fish, but if you want two plecos in your aquarium they should be introduced together as juveniles. are introduced to one another as a juveniles and grow up together. Catfish shouldn’t be housed with very aggressive tank mates. Catfish should be kept in large tanks with a fine gravel or soft, sand substrate flooring. This aquarium should also contain much plant life as well. Live plants are preferable as the catfish is omnivorous. Catfish are nocturnal. Even artificial plants provide the dim lighting and shade the catfish prefers. . There are many species that belong to the catfish. Catfish are very diverse in color. Most catfish prefer a slightly acidic to neutral pH water alkalinity at room temperature.