Water chemistry is one of the most important aspects of your aquarium. Water parameters have everything to do with the fish you keep. pH is a common specification most hobbyist have trouble controlling. There are many ways to alter the pH of your water. Water changes are great for raising your pH. Adding rocks to your aquarium is also good for raising your pH. Adding carbon dioxide or driftwood are good ways to lower the pH. There are many ways to alter your aquariums pH, we recommend you stop by Pisces Reef to see the best way for your aquarium. Your aquarium’s ideal temperature is another important consideration, but this consideration seems to be a bit more controllable. Most fish will require an ideal temperature higher than room temperature. There are many heaters available as well as chillers if needed. Also location and lighting can also affect temperature. Ammonia is produced by fish waste and excretion. It can also become apparent due to excess food and decaying plant matter. Water changes are great for keeping your ammonia level at 0. Bacteria converts ammonia into nitrite. Over time, they also convert nitrite to nitrate. Nitrate levels do not pose an immediate danger to your fish like ammonia or nitrates; however, over time nitrates can accumulate within the aquarium and become toxic to the fish. Nitrates help algae grow as well. Remember, different fish have different water parameter specifications. These are just general tropical fish parameter specifications. Pisces has many testing kits for these specifications. They also have many products to help you adjust your values. Stop in to talk with one of our guys.