Betta fish are freshwater fish. They are the second most popular in home aquarium pets. Bettas are very smart. These fish come in many different, striking colors and shapes as well. These fish are very territorial; hints their name. It is not recommended to house two of these fish together. Male betta fish seem to be more aggressive than females. Though females can also be quite aggressive as well. Even at the sight of the betta’s own reflection can cause a rant of aggression. Male bettas are usually larger than females and display brighter colors with more ornate finnage. Siamese fighting fish are meat eaters. Those kept in home aquariums are usually fed pellets or freeze-dried bloodworms available at Pisces Reef Fish Emporium. Bettas are anabantoids, also known as labyrinth fish. Labyrinth fish possess a special organ that allows them to breathe air. This organ allows them to survive in habitats that often become too polluted or oxygen-poor to survive with normal underwater breathing alone. Bettas create what is called a “bubble nest.” This is completely normal, and a sign of a happy, healthy betta. “Bubble nest” are also created to protect offspring. If two bettas mate, the male cares for the eggs.