They are about 40 species of triggerfish seen. They are brightly colored, and can grow quite large. Triggerfish bodies are oval shaped and compressed. Its head is large with small features. Its mouth might be small, but it is strong. Its jaw contains a row of teeth great for cracking shells. A triggerfish’s diet is usually comprised of hard-shelled-invertebrates. These fish are not hard to feed. They will accept a wide range of fresh or prepared fish foods. A variety of foods is required in this fishes diet. Some triggerfish species can be quite aggressive. Because most triggers can be quite aggressive, a large tank is suggested. Triggerfish do quite well in a home aquarium whether a community tank or alone. Remember, careful tank mate selection which takes into account size (initial and growth) and stocking order are 3 things to that must be strongly considered when choosing your mixed species fish tank mates. Triggers almost without exception should be the final fish added. They are quite resilient. Triggers are not disease prone or poor feeders in captivity. Triggerfish are very intelligent. It isn’t uncommon for a trigger to recognize his/her owner. It also becomes familiar with its owner’s actions. Stop by Pisces Reef Fish Emporium of Las Vegas to see why these guys are so popular.