Summer is write around the corner.

And with summer, aquarium temperatures seem to fluctuate. Sunlight is a big factor in the temperature of your aquarium. As we get closer to summer, the days seem to get longer and the sun seems to get more intense. It is usually a good rule of thumb to set up your aquarium away from any windows to avoid direct sunlight. To make temperature reading easy, consider purchasing an adhesive temperature strip that can be applied to the outside of your aquarium glass. Most are inexpensive and available at Pisces Reef Fish Emporium. If you have already have an aquarium near a window, using a shade on the window can decrease the amount of direct sunlight the aquarium gets. Never set up your aquarium above or near a heat source or air conditioner. In larger aquariums, we tend to see less water temperature fluctuations than we do in smaller aquariums.

Be sure to run your air conditioner if your fish desire cooler water temperatures. It might be wise to install a window air condition unit in the room where your aquarium is located. Fans can also be installed to help cool water temperatures. If your aquarium is on a stand that opens, try opening this. This is another good way of cooling your tank off. Purchasing a chiller for your aquarium is the best way to decrease water temperatures and avoid fluctuations. Pisces Reef Fish Emporium have drop-in chillers and in-line chillers, and we can let you know what best suits your situation.

Aquarium lighting can also raise your aquarium’s temperature. An aquarium hood which contains the light fixture will allow you to the amount and duration your aquarium will receive the lighting. Heaters are a great way to raise the temperature in your aquarium if your fish prefer warmer water temperatures. Submersible heaters seem to be most popular. You can purchase an adjustable one or one that can be preset. Be sure to purchase a heater that is the properly rated wattage for your aquarium’s size. Pisces Reef can help with that.
All species of fish have an ideal temperature. Ideal water temperature is where the fish is at optimal health. Most species of tropical fish prefer an aquarium water temperature of 76 to 78º Fahrenheit. Goldfish are not tropical fish, and prefer cooler water temperatures at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.