Arowana are tropical, freshwater fish.  Arowanas are also called bonytongues because of their toothed mouth and tongue with teeth. Interesting fact is the arowana’s jaw has two barbels which are sensory organs able to detect movement on the water’s surface. Arowanas are known for their bony heads. They have elongated bodies covered by many scales. The arowana is a popular fish amongst the fish hobbyists because of it’s “prehistoric” appearance. Arowanas have ravenous carnivore eating habits. And like most carnivores, these fish can be aggressive especially to your smaller fish. Choose its tank mates well. These fish will jump out of their aquarium to catch insects to eat. An aquarium lid is very necessary for these guys. They are commonly found at the top or surface of your aquarium. Arowanas require a large aquarium with good filtration. Some knowledge is also required. They prefer live food such such as feeder fish, earthworms, and other insects. It will also accept floating food sticks. The silver arowana is the most popular of the species. It is a very hardy fish. The silver arowana produces a lot of waste material so frequent water changes are a must. Stop by Pisces Reef Fish Emporium of Las Vegas to talk with our fish enthusiasts about the arowana.