Marimo commonly called moss balls are freshwater plant life. A moth ball is formed from the growth of algae. They are not moss at all. Marimo moss balls are large green balls with a velvety appearance. In Japanese, marimo translates to “seaweed ball.” Marimo balls are very easy to care for. They require low to medium indirect light. The Marimo will easily turn a brown color with direct sun. They also like to be kept in cool temperatures. They prefer a water temperature of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not require very many water changes. In addition to regular water changes, squeeze the ball gently, and occasionally rotate it to make sure all sides are exposed to the proper light necessary. Marimo balls prefer an acidic to a slightly alkaline pH water. Theses guys can survive outside of water for several days. Only if they aren’t fully dried out though. Marimo moss balls are safely kept with freshwater fish. Live plants are very beneficial for aquariums. They naturally absorb toxic nitrates in water. They are miniature filters. They can be kept alone, in small groups, or even in larger groups. Marimo moss balls grow very slowly. Ask your Pisces Reef Fish Emporium staff for more information on the Marimo moss ball.