A great way to decorate your aquarium is by adding freshwater driftwood. It adds character to your aquarium. Adding driftwood to your aquarium gives it a more natural aesthetic. A small piece hidden among a patch of live plants can give your fish a place to hide, but it can also make your tank look great. Larger pieces can be propped up with rocks to take up more vertical space in your tank. You can use multiple pieces to create a maze of caves and holes for your fish to explore and use as hiding spots. Driftwood contains tannins. Tannins are a kind of natural compound found in tree bark and other plant tissues. They are the substances responsible for the brown color and bitter taste of these materials. Driftwood always needs to be cured. If it is not cured, it could cause tannins to build up in your tank. Tannins may not be harmful to fish, but they cause murky water. Also, the curing process also cleans the driftwood, making sure bacteria, fungus, mold, and other substances that could harm your fish are not introduced with the driftwood. Pisces Reef Fish Emporium can help with any of your driftwood needs.