The Brown Octopus is a marine invertebrate. Octopuses have a natural capability of detecting colors and have sharp vision. These little guys have chromatophores on their body which allows them to blend with their environment. Octopuses have a neutral temperament, and should not be housed with predatory fishes. Though they can become aggressive if threatened. An octopus defends itself by squirting an inky substance at it’s enemy. Octopuses are reef tank compatible, and makes for a great addition to any reef tank. Octopuses should only be managed by expert aquarist. Octopuses also require large sized tanks. We do not recommend a tank of less than 50 gallons. Octopuses prefer a water temperature of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and a slightly basic pH of 8.1-8.4. Octopuses are carnivorous. They feed on live shrimps, mussels, and small fishes. Octopuses come to scavenge at night. Dim lighting is required. The aquarium must be provided with plenty of live rocks and hiding places such as caves. Rocks should be well anchored to the bottom of the aquarium to prevent the octopus from toppling over the rocks. It is advised to seal all the tank openings. Pisces Reef Fish Emporium has made custom designs just for these little guys. Like other marine invertebrates, these specimens also need a water medium rid of overdosed copper and nitrate medications. It is very difficult to acclimate the octopus to a new environment. We are here to help with any other questions or concerns.