A Reef Tank System is a Fish Only With Live Rock (F.O.W.L.R.) System with corals which require a higher quality lighting system than normal as well as a higher water quality and movement as normal. Corals are what makes a tank a reef tank. Your reef tank doesn’t even have to include fish, but if it does it is important to make sure those fish and invertebrates a reef safe. To be reef safe means to not hurt or destroy the coral and not be aggressive with other fish or invertebrates. A reef tank is like the reefs you see in the ocean except for these reefs are contained in a small box. Because there is not as much room in your tank as the ocean, everything in your tank should get along. Everything housed in your tank should get along. Actually, most will establish a symbiotic bond. A symbiotic relationship is beneficial to both parties involved. The relationship of a Clownfish and its host anemone is a perfect example of this. The Clownfish is protected by the stinging tentacles of the anemone while the Clownfish actually brings the anemone food in the form of small fish that it captures. A general “rule of thumb” is 3.5 Watts per gallon of water. Water quality in a reef tank is very important because most corals cannot undergo build ups of nitrates, phosphates, and other toxins other fish can withstand. Pisces Reef has many reef ready aquarium systems.