The Dogface Puffer Fish is a marine species that has large expressive eyes and a sad-looking small mouth. The Dogface Puffer Fish is a carnivorous fish with a row of hard teeth. These teeth can devour small invertebrates but don’t worry they won’t damage your corals. These guys are typically best kept in tanks with semi-aggressive tank mates and plenty of live rock for hiding. Only one Puffer Fish should be kept per tank.

The Dogface Puffer Fish has the ability to inflate its body to twice its normal size to protect itself from predators. Though it is advised to never induce this action with your Dogface Puffer Fish. Also, be sure to never expose the puffer fish to the air, ever. If the puffer fish ingests air, it is next to impossible to remove it. Therefore, if ever transferring tanks, be sure to use a container rather than a net to ensure that the puffer is always underwater.

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