The Blueface Angelfish is a gorgeous fish. It is one of the most beautiful angelfish species available. All in all, this colorful, highly contrasted beauty will be the centerpiece in any saltwater aquarium. The Blueface Angelfish will need to be paid attention to thrive in its home, and Pisces Reef is here to help.

A large tank with numerous hiding places and large amounts of live rock are recommended to give the Blueface Angelfish a good environment. Tank size is very important to keep this large fish healthy. Like many angelfish species, it will go through a distinct maturation phase. As a juvenile, the it will have a dark blue and black face and body with beautiful white vertical striping. As an adult, it will mature into its striking blue and yellow face. Its body is often a silvery white color with black latticework, and its tail is a bright yellow with a dark black spot. These little guys are truly fascinating!

Blueface Angelfish are omnivores. A wide variety of foods should be offered several times a day. The Blueface Angelfish is semi-aggressive. It is best kept as the only angelfish in the aquarium though it is easy to keep this fish with peaceful smaller fish if the tank is properly sized.

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