Ropefish also known as reedfish or snakefish are a freshwater fish species that belong to the bichir fish family. It is a fascinating and primitive fish from its appearance to its behavior. Its name alone says a lot about its appearance. They prefer large aquariums with plenty of hiding places, but also need open spaces to swim freely. Fossils reveal that these fish have been swimming in Earth’s waters for more than 75 million years. Pisces Reef Fish Emporium knows the Ropefish can be a great addition to any freshwater aquarium.

Ropefish are gentle and inquisitive fish. They are curious by nature and have a great personality. Ropefish are great for community aquariums which house non-aggressive species. Caring for the Ropefish is not very difficult. It is a carnivorous fish that requires live food in its diet. Young Ropefish need two small meals everyday, while adults need a larger meal once every couple of days. These fish are considered to be great escape artists.

In the wild, the Reedfish is found in slow-moving or standing water with low dissolved oxygen content. Because of this, it has developed lungs to breathe air. Therefore, there should always be at least an inch of open space between the surface of the water, and the tank cover. This will allow the fish to regularly come to the surface for a breath of air. They have both gills and lungs and rely on both. Stop by Pisces Reef Fish Emporium today to ask us any questions you might have about these guys.

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