Bala Sharks also known as silver sharks are fairly stock freshwater fish. This shark can grow up to fourteen inches long, and prefers midwater shoals. For this reason the bala shark is not a good choice for most aquariums. Even though the shark can grow pretty long, the bala shark is not aggressive. The only time you will have trouble is if its fish mates are small enough to fit in its mouth. Bala sharks do best with at least six or more in a group, but no less than three. This fish is carnivorous or a meat-eater. The bala shark will eat anything put in front of its face. It is not picky. A balanced diet will intensify the colors seen in this sharks fin; therefore, vegetables should be offered as well. Your choice of colors can also intensify or fade the fin colors as well. These fish do not breed well in the typical home aquarium. When they are bread in fish farms, the breeders use hormone injections to condition the fish.