Gold and Blue Gourami are typical tropical freshwater fish seen in aquariums. They are also known as the Three Spot Gourami. Many varieties of Gourami can be seen. You can follow the same guidelines for the Gold and Blue Gourami as any other species of Gourami. Gourami are semi-aggressive in temperament. Male Gourami tend to be more aggressive and territorial with other male Gourami, but both sexes are timid around other, more aggressive fish. It is only recommended to house one gourami in a tank.

It can be somewhat difficult to differentiate the male from the female Gourami. Males tend to have a longer, pointed dorsal fin and a pointed anal fin. Where females tend to have a shorter, rounded dorsal fin. Gold and Blue Gourami are very tolerant around other fish. They should be kept in a tank with other fish similar size and temperament. They are good community fish. The Gourami should be kept in a large tank with lots of hiding places. Live plants are a must. The Gourami is an omnivore, but does also require meat foods. This little fish shouldn’t be too hard to feed. They predominately feed on algae growing in the tank. A wide variety of food should be offered including live foods. Healthy Gourami have two expressive black spots one on each side of their body. This spot fades with age, but also under stressful or not ideal conditions.