Clownfish are very popular tropical, saltwater fish. There are several different species of the Clownfish, but the most recognizable is probably the Percula Clownfish. “Nemo” is a Percula Clownfish. Most Clownfish you see in fish stores are not wild Clownfish. The reason for this in Clownfish are very easily bred in a home tank. These fish spawn most like a cichlid. They locate an area in a rock or a coral to lay their eggs for protection. Clownfish are nonaggressive fish, but will protect their eggs if the time comes. Their eggs usually hatch in about a week. Short incubation time. Wild Percula Clownfish are not very easily kept, so it is a good idea to buy one tank raised. A group setting is best for the Clownfish. Clownfish will usually pair up on own. It is pretty usual to see a group of 4 or more. To differentiate between sexes, the female is the larger of the two. Clownfish have orange bodies with three, white bars and black outlining. Percula Clownfish do not require an anemone home. If you get a tank raised one, it may have never even seen an anemone. These fish are not hard to feed. Their diet should consist of meat and vegetable foods. They prefer warm water between 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit.