The Tiger Barb is a common semi-aggressive tropical freshwater fish. There are many species in the barb family. The same guidelines apply to most barb species. These fish tend to not do well in a tank with Angelfish, Bettas, and Gourami. Tiger Barbs tend to be fin nippers. The Tiger Barb is a schooling fish. They should be kept in at least a group of five or more. These fish tend to play well with others of the same species. They chase each other all over the tank, so plenty of room is needed. Anything less, the Tiger Barb tends to become more aggressive and not as active. Tiger Barbs are small, silver to brownish yellow with four vertical black stripes and red fins and snout. Tiger Barbs to best with a slightly acidic to basic environment (pH 6.0 to 8.0). They are sensitive to water quality, making partial water changes a must. Tiger Barbs are omnivorous. They will nibble on any live plants in the tank. But you have to be careful, Tiger Barbs will eat anything that fits in their mouth. Tiger Barbs are easily mated. Groups will pair up on own.